Mr and Mrs Sheppard.

Bali. How do I begin? It's so exciting when someone puts enough faith in your work to ask you to shoot their wedding overseas. I had never been to Bali before but I had heard from friends and family that it was a really chilled out, relaxed, beach-holiday atmosphere. Pretty spot on - everyone was happy to be there and having a good time.

It hardly felt like work at all; Mark and Sarah both have a natural talent for talking to people and were really welcoming. Family and friends spent the day before the wedding together, kicking off the celebrations on the beaches of Bali. I was careful to keep in mind all the warnings I'd received from my wife, Nat, about the water in Bali but, in typical fashion, what did I wake up with on the morning of the special day? A small bout of 'Bali belly'. Typical.

The following morning, I met Sarah at the luxurious hotel W, where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids, for some beautiful one-on-one shots, and then went to meet up with Mark and his groomsmen at the Padma Resort in Legian. The ceremony took place in one of the most amazing chapels I've ever seen, The Ritual in Uluwatu, which I'm pleased to say also had amazing air conditioning.

The wedding itself had the best weather of the whole week and we were blessed with the only sunset of our trip. I was absolutely spoiled for choice in terms of photography on the day, surrounded by good locations - though I was told off by the venue staff for getting too close to the edge of the cliff (worth it).

I would like to thank both Sarah and Mark for taking me along. I feel so honoured to be considered as a person they could trust, and I think that applies to all the couples we photograph; each one has trusted that I will provide a result that they'll love and be excited to see every time they whip out the images, pop on the DVD or subtly leave the album on the coffee table as guests come over. So thank you to every one of our couples, to the Sheppards, and to all the future couples who may consider Joel Roosa Photography for their wedding.

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Kate and Tim Gill 13th April

With many a wedding under the belt you would think that you become used to the fanfare associated with such an occasion - but each wedding somehow manages to strike a cord with us each time (perhaps we're just sentimentalists!), and Kate and Tim's was no different. The knowing glances between them are beautiful; you can see just how much they get each other. Simple as that. The blend on the day provided just the right of tradition whilst still keeping fun as the theme; elegant arrangements of flowers set in front of the fig trees of Plain Tree Drive, Jenga blocks as a signing book were appreciated by all and their wedding cake turn cheese cake was dedadent to say to least!

 Enjoy browsing their gallery page, a magical day for a truly lovely couple!


Cammy and Woody Favourites

The moment you meet Cammy and Woody you know that they are the best of friends, its all jokes and the emphasis for the day is FUN! Must be able to eat and drink with all of our family and mates. Cammy and Woody's amazing families put on a great pre wedding show from the outskirts of the city up to the lush surroundings of Hahndorf till the much anticipated pre wedding first glance outside the Adelaide Zoo.

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